Lograh (lograh) wrote,

among other things,

my weekend included a trip to Japan Center in San Francisco. The original reason for us going there turned outvery stoopid, but running around the little shops there proved quite nice. We saw a rock shop, video and music shops, sushi shops (just about every other door, those), and a nice little Tea Shop.

You just *know* I had to stop by there.

As a result, I am now drinking a nice Japanese Red tea (that's what they called it. I Gather there was probably an actual brand name on the packaging, but seeing as there was not any english whatsoever on the baggie, it could very well have said "ground up dried horse shit" and I wouldn't be any the wiser). My afternoon plans include a pot of Gen Mai that the cute (and blatently gay) clerk assured me was top-notch (I'm sure he says that about all their teas, but my collection is lacking in green teas so I picked it up anyway).

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