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ouch - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 15.Sep.2003

8:51 - ouch

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so, I decided this weekend that I need to do something about the shape I'm in. So last night I started a psuedo-workout routine that I'm hoping to maintain on a daily basis -- we'll see how well this fairs.

The results: I'm in a sad condition. that and my arms now hurt from overworking my triceps.


Date:9:03 15.Sep.2003 (UTC)
Good luck! I hear that the more one exercises, the more energy one has to do all the other things that keeps them busy, but I have yet to put this theory into practice.
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Date:9:36 15.Sep.2003 (UTC)
yeah, it's true.. back when I was riding to/from work each day, I found I had more energy throughout the day and slept better at night. My tires having recently proven themselves to be shite, I can no longer perform this so I must find other sources of excersize.
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