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I never knew - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 12.Sep.2003

12:38 - I never knew

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I had no idea that there was some legal trouble between Apple and The Beatles.

A link I found from another site claims that The Beatles are filing suit against Apple (for the third time it would seem, the prior two being in the past and they (The Beatles) won both). Yes, I know, Fox isn't exactly the pinnacle of objective reporting, but I would think something of this nature/size they wouldn't just make up.


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Date:12:48 12.Sep.2003 (UTC)
Hence the system sound, sosumi. Say it out loud. :)
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Date:12:51 12.Sep.2003 (UTC)
heh.. it'd be really funny if that particular tone was an opening chord from some Beatles song.
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