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Where do you plan to take your photography in the next 5 years? I noticed you recently expressed an interest in working on portraits, what steps do you plan to take to do that? What kind of "theme" photography do you like doing best?
Well, I'll start with the easiest one -- the last. I most enjoy taking pictures that exhibit a lack of humans. Though it can be nice taking portrait shots, I don't enjoy those as much. I like taking pictures of the world around me, attempting to show both the beauty and filth I see around me, absent the humans. I don't know particularly why, but I try to not have anyone in my picture unless there is a specific reason for them being there. I also seem drawn more to macro photography, but I don't really have the equipment yet to fully explore that field.
As to my work with portraits, I'm starting with just basic snapshots of people. Occasionally I'll get someone to agree to pose for me (and our schedules will synch up enough -- an obstacle that has proven the biggest issue so far) but mostly I'm trying to just take pictures of people and look at the way light plays off their skin and how it all changes as it goes through the lens. I'm just spending time right now studying the way the human form is changed in the camera, then I'll start working on doing good portraits.
In the next 5 years? I'm unsure. It's still just a hobby, and it may just remain that way forever. I do plan, tough to get at least two more lenses, and upgrade my cameray body to one that has better resolution (minimum 11MP, preferably 20MP+). I want to be able to make larger prints, and also I hope to re-arrange my photo site to offer the option of selling framed/mounted prints to people. I don't expect it'll ever become a self-sufficient hobby, and I'm not pushing for it to do so, but I'd like to offer people the option to have *BIG* prints of mine on their walls, and I can't afford to give those away for free (except in digital form, which is a thought).

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