Lograh (lograh) wrote,

lunchtime update

well, I've gotten two questions so far, so here goes:

Does your stomach hurt as much as mine?
Not at the moment. I had a bagel while I was in the Dean's office so that is holding me till I have more substantive food.

How much of what we see in you is the real you, and how much is artifice you display for our benefit?
Hard to say in general. I've gotten pretty good at behavior modification for social situations, so if you're looking at me in a crowd, not much of what you see is real. Get me one-on-one and it's something else. Depending on how hard you look, and how long you've known me, you'll either see pure fluf or you'll actually see me. *You*, for example, are getting to where you've known me long enough now that you can probably make some honest claims to how I might exist (much though it may pain your head to consider such). Someone I just met a few weeks ago might think they know me (depends on how arrogant they are about their abillity to "read people") but in fact they know almost nothing more than the most superficial qualities (and even those they'd have to be particularly keen to pick up). Problem is, I often find myself adopting traits that others around me exhibit (as percieved by me, of course). I've tried to become more concious of this habit in an effort to be able to better moderate the frequency with which it occurs, but I've not have much luck in that endeavor.
I hope that was sufficient. If you meant to ask on more detailed examples of behavior, just let me know and I can clarify.

Any other questions, just post 'em.

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