Lograh (lograh) wrote,

Expand, Lengthen And Enlarge Your ...

Hrmm... If I were to expand and lengthen ('expand' usually implying an increase in girth, so these two terms are not entirely redundant) something, wouldn't an enlargement of it be expected? To list all three seems to me to be somewhat redundant. That's just bad logically. Then there's the lack of a period at the end of the sentance -- poor grammar, that. And I've not even left the subject line of the message yet!

Why do they even bother with stuff like this, it's not like anyone is actually going to fall for it anymore. At least, I hope people don't. I hope that spam like this is simply a holdover from the olden days when it actually did work (you know, last year? heh) and there's no one actually dumb enough to respond to these messages. As spammers realize this they will stop sending them and focus on the more tricky and intelligent spam. Cheap though email spam is, bandwidth still costs money, and even the shortest of emails will add up in bandwidth when you're sending out a few million copies of it.

On the plus side, spamasassin seems to be reliably catching all the spam I send through it and marking it appropriately. I've only so far gotten a high marking of 15.0 (most spam I get tends to hover around 6), but I'm sure in time it'll get some higher ratings; I have only been running it for about a week.

In slightly unrelated news, that Ibook that I had been borrowing from work but broke was fixed -- turned out the motherboard needed to be replaced. So I picked it up about a week and a half ago, and this weekend it went kaput again. I'm guessing it's the motherboard that fried again. I swear I'm not doing anything weird with it! Heck, the time it fried it had only been on for about 10 minutes and it just halted. The fan came on so high that I could've heard it in the other room (estimation, that) and the bottom side underneath the upper left quadrant (where all the ports are) was **HOT** (like, "holy shit I've not felt desktop processors get that hot" kinda hot) and there was the all-too-familiar scent of burnt electronics wafting out from the exaust vent.

I let it sit open overnight (and on it's side, to maximize exposure to ambient air) powered down but it no longer responds to the power button. Time to take it back to the repair guy. This does not bode well, as we have about 30 other Ibooks that we are turning into a mobile lab, all of them having sequential serial numbers and this one being included in the sequence.

Here's hoping it's just my 1337 skillz overpowering the poor wittle Ibook. :)
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