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it's quiet.. - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 04.Sep.2003

15:14 - it's quiet..

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... too quiet.

Turns out the reason I've gotten so little email today is because the server went down this morning and totally thrashed the database in the process. They've been working on re-creating what they can, and are going in an order for the users that puts my account damn near last.


Ya know, for all the PR they gave this new email cluster, saying how it's going to provide such wonderful service and it fixes all our email problems, I find it vaguely amusing to note that in the two weeks it's been live, it hasn't functioned properly for more than 12 hours at a time yet.

(only vaguely amusing, because I have to field the questions/complaints from my users regarding it)

I hate Microsoft procducts.


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Date:16:31 04.Sep.2003 (UTC)
My personal email has been down since Tuesday. Lycos' current estimate of when it will be fixed was pushed from today at 11am to Friday at noon. Yah!!
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Date:22:08 04.Sep.2003 (UTC)
yikes! they must be running on M$ servers also.. hehe..
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