Lograh (lograh) wrote,

if I've said it once,

I've said it a thousand times:

When one is being paid to provide a service, and one decides that one desires to make changes to the methods one uses to provide such service, it is in one's best interest to ensure that the service one is being paid to provide remains consistent before, during, and after the changes one makes.

Translation: The email network freaks here decided to migrate the email servers to a new platform. This process has created no end of headaches. They have so far:
1) decided to not actually migrate *ANY* of the old email, just the accounts
2) decided to remove the old management tools and replace them with new ones that don't do as much.
3) had the servers that provide the new tools:
3a) not respond to login requests
3b) refuse connections (technically different from the previous)
3c) not actually do the job that the tools are supposed to do
3d) not maintain the same data across the servers (ie: a change on one is not necessarilly echoed on the others)
4) said certain features would be implimented and then not impliment them

And that's just in the past 2.5 days! I can't wait to see the fun we start having when all the professors and students come back from vacation on Tuesday! :)

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