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wow, I've been slacking.. I've not posted my daily tea experiments for a while..

sorry 'bout that gang.. work is being, well, work. :)

Today's Tea fun:

one packet of Kava Tea (from Yogi Teas)
one packet of "Wired & Crazy" tea (Bonkers brand tea)
one ball of Pu-erh (not the bold-leaf, the ball style instead)

Overall a *very* nice dark tea. The Kava is calming and helps to offset the jitters caused by the Pu-Erh, the Wired and Crazy, while being extra-caffienated, is itself a smoothe buzz instead of a jittery one. So the end result is a tea that, after about 2-3 minutes of steeping is dark enough to be reminiscent of American coffee and has a very rich flavor of many levels of nutty and smokey flavors. The three types compliment one another nicely.

I think I may have this tomorrow as well. good stuff.

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