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so, I finally put together one and one together..

I now have offloaded the entertainment to the secondary computer while I'm working. Instead of just having an mp3/cd player playing music from my main PC, I now can have a mp3/cd/dvd player doing it's stuff on a second monitor (which I can easilly ignore if it's just music videos or equivalent). Thus I still have music to hear while twinking, but I also have visual stuff to watch while waiting for the project at hand to finish (whatever it may be at the given moment). Moving to the different machine didn't looses any mp3 access since I have my own little network set up in my office, so they share files no worries.

yes, I'm a geek, move along.

The reason I said "finally put one and one togther" is that I've had all this equipment sitting here for about, oh, a YEAR now without thinking to hook it up like this. sometimes my inability to see the most plain and obvious applications of stuff boggles my mind.

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