Lograh (lograh) wrote,

me tioed

but not as much as yesterday.

My muscles ache, but this has been fairly continuous since I helped people move heavy stuff on both Sat and Sun. they are getting better, though, so I imagine tomorrow won't be too bad.

My bones don't ache!! for the first time in months I woke up without a sore back. Normally, I'll wake up with a minor ache in my bones (mostly back but sometimes legs and shoulders also), but it isn't a big deal and it creeps into the background static after not too long. This being why I sleep on the bed I do, even though just about everyone else says it's crap -- my bones ache the least on my futon (some matresses leave me in so much pain I can barely get up). But last night I decided to make use of my recently discovered floorspace (I cleaned (somewhat) my room a few days ago) and slept there instead. Voila, damn near *zero* pain! It had been so long (a few months) since I last slept on the floor that I'd forgotten how good it feels.

I'll try this some more and see if a more permanent change in sleeping arrangements is needed. Yes, I'm weird, we've established that already.

in other news, after two attempts at using the beans I got from artistic_chaos for my kawphy, I have given some to the dean's office here to see if they work well in american style coffee. They made up a pot today, and I must admit that I do think it's rather tasty.. these beans are definatly meant for that style of preparation more than the Turkish way.

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