Lograh (lograh) wrote,

brainless post for a brin-dead morning

damn I'm tired.. not only did I get to partake in the joys of moving elisandra (the next person who packs an entire box of 78s gets to lift it his/her own damn self!), but the following day I spent in Ikea with ktbee. Admittedly, the shopping trip was fun (I even got some little jars that I'm going to try and see if I can use for tea storage) but anytime I spend almost 6 hours somewhere, I'm going to start getting antsy.. that and I got to carry the bookshelves up her stairs for her (well, okay, she helped with one of them).

damn I'm sore.

That said, here's a meme:

stolen shamelessly from hatefulsandwich

5 things
*5 things you are wearing*
1. My birkies (sandals)
2. shorts
3. shirt
4. a ring
5. my glasses

*5 things you can see*
1. cute little stuffed Grateful-Dead teddy bears dressed up as a magician and santa
2. a framed 8x10 of one of my pictures
3. a stack of noise CDs (potentials for my collection experiment)
4. various random computer shite (I'm at work, the stuff surrounds me here)
5. an Orcs-vs-Gnomes chess set (PBEM game 11 in progress on it)

*5 things you are doing right now*
1. typing
2. listening to System Of A Down in the hopes of waking up
3. considering switching to something else, as I'm not waking up and it's on the second pass through
4. sipping an energy drink
5. trying to decide which Tea I want right now.

*5 things you ate in the last 24 hours*
1. Ikea food (a furniture store so big it warrants a resturaunt in the middle? something's WRONG!)
2. Jamba
3. Brekkie
4. crappy pre-packed salad
5. chocolate

*5 things you did so far today*
1. er.. made it into work.
2. just switched from SoaD to Lords of Acid on the tunes front
3. uh... I got a bagel so I have something to shnacky on later today.
4. checked in on the servers -- not in flames yet so I guess they're okay. :)
5. sent move 15 to macklinr

*5 things you can hear right now*
1. "Let's get high - 'Reach out and touch the sky' mix"
2. a server
3. Computer keys clickity-klackety
4. foot tippy-tappy
5. the collective whine of HDDs from my computer (case is off)

*5 colors you can see*
1. ACB3C3
2. 62635F
3. 553F27
4. 393E27
5. 786B50
(... and those are just from my computer wallpaper peeking around the edges of my browser window!)

*5 thoughts in your head*
1. "spank ... my booty (I need to be whipped!)."
2. I should probably go get started on that computer I need to deliver this morning.
3. I should have called in sick today so I could rest, when's my coworker getting back from vacation!?
4. damn I'm tired. I should probably to without caffiene for a month or so simply so it effects me again.
5. finaly done with this. yippie, more fluff for the LJ!


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