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okay, I was considering saving this till a month or so from now but I've remembered how my last-minute campaigning failed on a lot of people last time becuase they'd come back with "but I don't have enough time now to think about how I will vote" (which, imo is a bullshit response, but that's beside the point). So, here it is:

Get out and VOTE, people! I don't care how you vote, just do it. If you're one of the people reading this who is morally opposed to endorsing any individual politicans (you know who you are) there is *STILL* a reason for you to go vote: the propositions! There is at least one (I think there are actually two) proposition(s) on this upcomming ballot that you should vote on. Yes or No, I'm not going to debate, vote or no-vote is what I care about.

If you're one of the people reading this who are morally opposed to voting at all (again, you know who you are) then at least go there and have them check your name off as having appeared and just turn in the blank ballot as your vote. I may disagree with this choice, but at least you made some effort in your demonstration of not supporting the current governmental structure. It's easy to sit at home watching TV acting all high-and-mighty while proclaiming the evils of this system, it takes work (and some courage) to show up at the polls and sign in and then just had back a blank ballot as your vote. I can respect that.

So, bottom line: I don't care how you vote, just get out there and DO IT! You've got a little less than 2 months to figure out your stance on the issues, get started on it. Also, if you're not registered, get registered.

If all you're going to respond with is "but I do vote!", save it. This is obviously aimed at the people reading this who don't vote (a saddening majority of you).

(for the record, I do vote. I have voted in almost every ballot since I've been of legal age to do so -- I've only missed one and it pissed me off when I realized what had happened. My registration is slightly inaccurate, which means that I have to make a trip of about 1.5 hours (50 minutes of that walking) to get to the polling center (and back), but I still do vote. My vote is roughly 80% of the time on the side that looses (maybe more), but I maintain the importance of voting.)

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