Lograh (lograh) wrote,

1337 B13|2

Saturday night found me happilly boiling up the wort for my second batch of beer.. This one's a porter, and the colour so far is living up to the name. Nice and dark. Not quite the pitch black of Obsidian Stout or Guinness, but still a comfortable dark brown chocolatey shade. Specific gravity was 1.075ish going into the carboy (again, why are my batches hitting higher than expected? I'm not complaining, mind you!), and the yeast was a little slow to get active (age, probably), but I took the time to oxygenate the wort more than I did last batch so we should wind up with a good strong beer. Still using premade kits, though, as I'm only on my second batch. After I do three kit batches (hopefully going to start the third (a barleywine) next weekend) then I'll start looking at going from scratch.

On a related note: the bottles from my first batch turned out interesting. We placed 12 of them in the fridge after being bottled for a week, those were under-carbonated and had a slightly rough flavor to them with an odd aftertaste. Tossed the other 24 in the fridge a week later (as in, 3 days ago) and they are proving to have sufficient carbonation and the flavor is mellower, if slightly more bitter. Lesson learned: let the bottles sit for 2 weeks instead of one. I'm guessing the enhanced bitterness is more from a mellowing of the other flavors allowing the bitter to come forward. We'll be double-fermenting this second batch to hopefully remove most of the hops left in the carboy and thus avoid the bitterness this time around.

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