Lograh (lograh) wrote,

retrospective meme

About 10 years ago I...
1. Was getting ready for my senior year in High School
2. Wore black sweatpants and Tshirts as my primary dress code.
3. Had long, unruly slightly wavy hair.
4. Rode my bike on a *very* regular basis (I could do 80+ mile rides weekly without thinking anything of it)
5. Was the primary computer maintenance person for a few famillies of friends of mine.

About 5 years ago I...
1. Started working as a student assistant with the department I currently work in
2. Started studying Uechi-Ryu, and loved it.
3. Had been living on my own for slightly over a year.
4. Was one of the top students in the Math department.
5. Had just given up on doing a double major, and dropped the CS half to just a minor.

About 2 years ago I...
1. Had my first 3-month review in my current position.
2. Firmed up my long-term plans to where they are now.
3. Was looking forward to the 1-year anniversary with my first girlfriend (ktbee).
4. Started my Livejournal (well, two years and two weeks ago, roughly)
5. Was enrolled in classes for the MA in Math.

About 1 year ago I...
1. Wasn't enrolled in classes due to paperwork snafus.
2. Broke up with ktbee.
3. Was still in debt from years before.
4. Was moved from probation to permanent in my current position.
5. Was certain elisandra didn't like me.

Today I...
1. Am *still* in debt, though the end is comming near (years behind schedule, that one).
2. Don't use microsoft products except in rare circumstances when there is no other option.
3. Have a caffeine tolerance that can't be healthy.
4. Am reading the journals of friends that I had feard lost forever years ago.
5. Plan to have dinner with ktbee.

Tomorrow I will...
1. Likely set up a few laptops and start setting up a linux server/cluster.
2. Perhaps go for a bike ride after work (need to get back into shape).
3. Consider doing laundry and shopping.
4. Visit with G3 for a bit (mayhaps).
5. ...

Five things I can't live without...
1. Sustinance
2. Time alone
3. Time with loved ones
4. Tea and Kawphy
5. Art

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