Lograh (lograh) wrote,

how I think scares me -- sometimes.

so, I'm working on a project when I need something to bang on another thing (as in, a hammer, only that's not the way my mind works), and the *first* thing that comes to mind is, "hrmm.. I've got an old hard drive around here, they're pretty solid." Yes, the first thing, before I even considered a hammer as a possible tool, I'm unscrewing a HDD from an old case and proceed banging with it. It's not untill I find there's not *quite* enough mass in your average HDD that I start to think, "hrmm.. what else might work as a hammering device?" Yes, at this point I'm actually in my mind looking for a "hammering device" and I'm still not making the connection with 'hammer'. I'm scanning the room while the concept of 'hammering device' runs wildly through my head, bumping up against anything it can find to see what might work.. I go through 'power supply (too bulky to wield)', 'HDD (nope, allready tried it)', 'keyboard (plastic case is too soft)', and '5.25 floppy (probably no more massive than the HDD)' before I finally come to 'hammer'.

Here follows the rapid application of the interior manual padding to the frontal crainial surface (palm to forehead) combined with the coloquial monosylabic utterance of stupification (D'OH!).

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