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Friday, 25.Jul.2003

10:42 - random

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wandering around nuclear pages (don't ask, I don't know why either), I came across a small table of technical terms used and what they mean:

Transient - a malfunction
Event - malfunction
Scram - unscheduled shutdown
Abnormal evolution - failure to function properly
Normal aberration - malfunction
Unauthorized diversion - theft
Rapid oxidation - fire
Power excursions - out of control
Unplanned hypercriticality - out of control
Spontaneous energetic disassembly - explosion
Nuclear bonus material - waste


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Date:10:49 25.Jul.2003 (UTC)
And we should here from my brother in 5, 4, 3, 2...
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Date:10:52 25.Jul.2003 (UTC)
Very interesting indeed. At one time I was a Hydro Ceramic Electronic Engineer. It was my first real job ever, aside from the nominal paper route. If you guessed Dishwasher, you would be correct.
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Date:11:17 25.Jul.2003 (UTC)
Did you...: SCRAM stands for safety control rod axe man? It harks back to the first controled nuclear reactor where, oddly enough, the one the saftey rods was controled by a guy with an axe.
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Date:11:25 25.Jul.2003 (UTC)
now *that*'s funny!
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