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I guess computers have improved... - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 25.Jul.2003

10:19 - I guess computers have improved...

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...well, somewhat at least.

Burning a cd
IM up and running (with occasional messages)
Calendar proggy active
Email client going nice and smoothe.
playing another CD

I don't remember doing *quite* so much at once back on the ol' C64.. :)


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Date:10:40 25.Jul.2003 (UTC)

<comment type="bastard">

I don't remember doing any of those things on a C64.

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Date:10:46 25.Jul.2003 (UTC)

Re: <comment type="bastard">

well, yeah, there is that.. ;)
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Date:11:49 25.Jul.2003 (UTC)
I didn't have a C64 though, I was one of those weird kids with an Atari (1200!). I don't think I've even played with one. =\
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