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one down... - Lograh — LiveJournal

Wednesday, 23.Jul.2003

11:54 - one down...

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just canceled my discover card.. not through any lowering of my overall debt, I just transferred the balance from it to another card, so I'm still in debt up to my neck. It's just nice to have one less card in my wallet.. cut it up and everything..

As an aside, it is AMAZING how far they were willing to bend to try and get me back.. wow..


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Date:12:35 23.Jul.2003 (UTC)
I remember a time when I tried bartering with my credit card companies. There are some out there who will not deal, MBNA you swine... I had my revenge though, transferred my deboit to a lower card and haven't done business with them sense.

Ok so they have many more customer out there, but at least they will not make my life hell.

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