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Monday, 21.Jul.2003

10:30 - and now . . .

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time for another installment of "things I would never have thought to try, but actually aren't half-bad":

Hot water.

Yup, just heated water. No tea, no honey, no lemon, nothing whatsoever added to it. Just plain hot water. Once you let it cool from scalding to drinkable, it's not half bad. Kinda nice, actually, if you're in the mood for it.


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Date:10:56 21.Jul.2003 (UTC)
I have done that by accident, on those especially tired days. I would go to make tea at work, forget to put the tea in the cup and drink my "tea" thinking hey this is really good. Only to realize later that it was just hot water.
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Date:11:36 22.Jul.2003 (UTC)
Very Zen of you. For a different perspective, try the tea without the water some time. Although I suspect it'll be difficult.

The truly motivated could try just the 'hot'. Sip from a warm cup.

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Date:21:33 22.Jul.2003 (UTC)
I agree... when I'm in the mood for it, Hot Water is simply good.

A long time ago, I had seen some young women of Asian descent drinking plain hot water, and found it curious. So, one day when I wanted something warm, but wasn't really interested in any of the "normal" available hot drinks, I tried it... And really enjoyed the experience.
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