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one thing (of the many) I hate about Windows - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 21.Jul.2003

8:48 - one thing (of the many) I hate about Windows

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the lack of a properly functioning "just fucking do it" button. Sure, there's the ever popular "yes to all" button, but you still need to click it at least 10 times for any operation more complex than renaming an icon. Let's take the deletion of a directory, for example. Say that directory has about 20 or so subdirectories, each with some hidden/system files and subdirectories of their own. If you try deleting that entire batch in one fell swoop, you'll be clicking "yes to all" till the cows come home! On unix, you just type in "rm -r {directory}" and it won't even ask once if there might be a typo, it just runs off and kills the whole tree. I suspect some distributions will even go and kill a few other directories also, just for good measure.

and while we're on the topic of fscked up UI design, who's the genius that thought it was a good idea to put the "yes" and "no" buttons no more than 1 pixel apart? GAH!


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Date:11:38 22.Jul.2003 (UTC)
Technically, rm -r will still prompt you if it encounters a directory that it doesn't think should be deleted (like one you have set to read-only). You have to add -f to truly blow things away in style.

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