Lograh (lograh) wrote,

best laid plans.

Sat I went and shot elisandra a few hundred times. I'm thinking that probably about 15 were decent shots, with perhaps something like 1 or 2 being fantastic. She was kind enough to give me permission to hang onto the files for my review, so I'll be going over them over the next week or so, trying to discern where I went wrong and why the good ones worked. One thing is certain, though, I truly suck at portrait pics. I have potential to get better, but it's going to take a *lot* more practice. Anyone willing to smile for the camera?

Sun I didn't do much of anything. I slept a bit, but I'm still tired.

I had so much planned for this weekend, but I wound up not doing any of it. I meant to swing by the_misha's place and see the cute new car (but didn't). I meant to call serenica69 and see if she's up for picturewandering (but didn't). I meant to go to my mom's place and visit with her for a few hours (but didn't, at least I called, though (she wasn't home -- poo)). I meant to go shopping for brekky food for this week (but didn't -- grrr, hungry). I meant to come spend a few hours banging my head against this st00pid laptop (but didn't, prolly better for my mental health this way). I meant to swing by gregory_geiger's place (but didn't -- just realized he was on vacation anyway). et-CETera, et-CETera, et-CETera <hand-waving type="grand"> . . .

So, yeah, there were plenty of things I wanted to do this weekend, and only one thing that got done. poo.

As for tonight, l5r?
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