Lograh (lograh) wrote,

spam pick of the day!

this is just classic:

I am contacting you for the claim of your late uncle fund that was. . .
huh? did he say "uncle fund?" Perhaps he means the fund of my late uncle. sure, that's it.

all will be well since i know everything about your late uncle fund
well, it's nice to know you are such good friends with my late "Uncle Fund", 'cause I've never heard of him.

late uncle Engr.P. B {my last name},Snr)an oil Merchant
what the hell kind of a name is *that*?!? Yes, they even put a paren at the end of Snr.

This is one of the worst spams I've received (and I've received a *LOT*). Are they assuming that I don't even know my own familly, particularly my Uncles? I'll be the first to agree that we don't talk much (one of my uncles left the familly 'bout 7ish years ago and no one knows where he is) but at least I know about all of them.
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