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This is not your fast-food yuppie drink - Lograh — LiveJournal

Sunday, 20.Jul.2003

11:17 - This is not your fast-food yuppie drink

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select ingrediants and prepped tools : ~9:00
start grinding beans and spices : ~9:05
start heating pot and adding ingrediants : ~9:20
start post-boiling : ~9:30
serve and enjoy : ~10:00

'bout an hour from start to sip. It's a shame that kind of time investment isn't acceptable for places like Java City or Starbucks. Even if you pre-grind the beans (which can be done, with varying degrees of success), you're still looking at a half-hour of cooking time.


Date:17:35 20.Jul.2003 (UTC)


have you ever heard of this?
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Date:17:59 20.Jul.2003 (UTC)

Re: weird...

netstumbler?? just a little off-topic but sure.

isn't netstumbler just another wardriving app? from what I've heard it just hops wireless freqs searching for networks. it's been mentioned a few times in various areas. what d'ya want to know about it?

(also, while I appreciate the effort, I don't run windows so linking to a download for a windows exe is kinda funny. :) luv ya hon.)
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Date:18:02 20.Jul.2003 (UTC)

Re: weird...


i so inappropriate! tee hee hee.

*cough* yeah.
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