Lograh (lograh) wrote,


first batch of b33r is now sitting in the closet. in about 3 weeks from now we shall see if it's any good. :)

I learned a few things from this experiment. 1) bathtub, not sink, for sanitizing the equipment. 2) it takes a *LOOONG* time. set aside 4 hours for the process. 3) Hops is rabbit food.

The beer started with an OG of 1.070 or thereabouts. a little heavier than the recipies (I was consulting two) said it should be (they were both of the opinion that it should be from 1.04 to 1.06), but I'm hoping it doesn't cause any problems. If all turns out well, this could end up either *very* alcoholic or *very* heavy.
As long as it's not *very* bad, I'll be happy with it as a first batch.

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