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Wednesday, 09.Jul.2003

11:54 - wow..

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got the new Dell laptops in Monday.. I just opened the box of one and looked it over, first impressions:

*DAMN* small. think Ibook size. about the same weight, also, if not a little lighter.

The keyboard (still not full-size, damn laptop keyboards) is just about the entire width of the body. This is a good thing. I hate laptops that have all that wasted space.

Dual mouses, trackpad and nipple. It's nice to have the option.

*HOT* as all get-out. I'm seriously considering doing a test to see if I literally can fry an egg using it. I thought the Ibook was hot, but this baby makes the Ibook feel like a fridge. Obviously this is not something you'll want touching your lap.


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Date:16:38 09.Jul.2003 (UTC)
I think the trackpad/lack-of-eraser-nipple is the only thing I don't like about Apple laptops. I'm getting used to trackpads, though I don't really want to... :)

We have some schwanky new Toshiba laptops here that are about small-iBook sized, though I don't recall them being quite so toasty as a leg-frying Dell. Lovely things :)
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Date:16:57 09.Jul.2003 (UTC)
yeah, I know quite a few people who really don't like being forced to use a trackpad. So the choice on the Wintel platform is a nice one.

For myself, I actually enjoy trackpads. So much so, in fact, that I went and bought one *waaay* back and used it with my desktop computer instead of a "normal" mouse.

The new Gateways are also about the same size. Slightly thicker, but otherwise equivalent.
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