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yesterday - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 07.Jul.2003

11:56 - yesterday

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So, I went picturehunting yesterday.. It was nice. I found an interesting drainpipe, mingled with a multitude of bees, and wandered plenty.

Amongst the oddest discoveries I made, though (and the picture will be uploaded probably tonight), was the fact that the Warrens get cable service.

I shit you not, the Nosferatu get cable. They probably are using it for their broadband service, also (I wonder if they have a chip in it so they get HBO for free as well?).

The reason I found this is over between Old Sac and Discovery Park there's a bike trail connecting them that runs along the river. Well, at one point this trail is right alongside some old train tracks (which I was informed are a part of the museum restoration area). Well, there's a manhole there with a cable comming out of it, I followed the cable with my eyes and it runs up the freeway supports, across underneath it, and actually goes up to some overhead lines running across the trains area. At first I thought it might be power, but it had a little box on it just like what you'd find on cable wires outside someone's house.

now, I'm sure there's some other "more reasonable" explaination for this, but I like mine better. :)