Lograh (lograh) wrote,

busy and tioed

Damn, I turned off my alarm in my sleep. Don'tcha just *hate* when that happens? I wake up at 6:11 and notice that the alarm is off. Now, if I sleep through it (easy to do, as it only beeps for a minute and then shuts up) it would at least still be on. Nope, this was off and I distinctly remember turning it on last night.

Even with the extra sleep, though, I still only got 7 hours -- couldn't get to sleep when I went to bed. So I'm rather tired this morning. Almost forgot G3's stuff, in fact, as I was leaving.. I managed to get all the way to the light rail station before I remembered and I had to turn around and go all the way back and shove it (kindly, of course) into my pack and trek out again.

Add on top of this, it's been a busy as all get-out day at work today and I'm sure you can guess I'm moving along in *fine* form right now.
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