Lograh (lograh) wrote,

on the topic of pictures.

so, I was talking with tobin this morning, and pictures came up.. I did a quick check on the "incomming" directory here, and I realize that I've taken just about 6200 pictures with my D30. Not overly much, when you consider I've had it a year and a half now, but it sure seems like a lot to me.

What really gets to me, though, is that there are really only 22 pieces of art on my website. sure, there are another 30 piccies that I never really worked on. So let's include the non-art ones. that's just over 50 pictures. so, what, one out of every 124 pictures actually made it to the web? that's pathetic.

Admittedly, the big stopper isn't quality of pictures, but resources to work on them with. I've got a few still on disk here that I'd like to eventually get around to. Like my recent addition (it's the first one in the workshop gallery), it's actually a picture I took months ago (number 5415, actually) that I'm just now getting around to working on (and it's still not done yet, another few hours). And there are many others.. So I could probably get the decent pictures down to one out of every hundred, with the works of art somewhere around one out of every 200 or so. Still that seems like a pathetically small number of pictures.

But today, I go wandering and picture-taking! Nothing quite gets rid of the depression of having such a huge backload of pictures to work on than making the backload even worse! hehe.. In a way, I make pictures as a form of meditation. A way to loose myself in the framing and composition. To forget who I am as I bring the subject into focus. To still my mind and kill the thoughts through the aperature and shutter.

In a way, that is.

I'm still waiting to see if I have a partner for the outing or not, but we'll see.

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