Lograh (lograh) wrote,

yeah, I'm a twit

so there I am, lining up a shot, trying to get it just right for a portrait layout shot (not easy when the viewfinder isn't TTL -- you've got to hold the camera sideways and now you have to crane your body around so you're looking at what was the top of the camera, and of course the sun is hitting the glass so you can't see the image now...), and it suddenly dawns on me that I'm not using the mask anymore so I don't have to go by the guidlines now. I can use the entire view area! So, of course, I move closer so I filll the frame like I wanted.

After I take the shot and am walking away winding for the next shot it dawns on me: Hey, the full frame is a SQUARE! I didn't have to be all contorted fighting the sun and all that, since it doens't matter if it's sideways or not, it's the same both ways!


yeah, like I said, I'm a twit.

fwiw, I think I got a really nice dynamic shot of a high-power line stand. One of those big metal ones.

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