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have film will photo. :)

So, yesterday I went by the photo shop and picked up a few rolls of film for my film camera. I get home and find that ther was one roll allready in the satchel with the camera that I had forgotten about, and what's more is the camera is only on exposure 11! So I've decided that I should probably burn through the last 5 shots on the roll in the camera (it has the mask in it so they are 16 shots per roll instead of the usual 12) and I should also run through that older roll as well, as it has been sitting in the room for a few months now. I should use it before it goes bad, if it's even still good at all!

so, film I have to get through (hopefully before Monday)
5 shots on what's left in the camera (I'm suspecting it's ISO400 Ilford b/w)
1 roll IOS100 Tmax (what was hidden in the bag)
1 roll ISO400 UC Kodak
1 roll ISO160 NC Kodak
1 roll ISO100 Reala Fujicolor (I've heard of Reala before and wanted to try it out)
1 roll ISO50 PANF Ilford

I'll likely shoot the remaining rolls without the mask, so I'll only get 12 shots per roll, but that way I'll use them up faster and I'll be able to see more quickly the differences between them.

Damn rolls cost an arm and a leg, though. It's times like this make me happy my primary camera is digital. :)

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