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in other drinks... - Lograh — LiveJournal

Sunday, 29.Jun.2003

22:56 - in other drinks...

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blended with ice till smoothie-like:
Kahlua Special (link not available)
Creme' de Cacao

nice. A little more -something- than I wanted, but it didn't turn out too bad.

Toblerone experiment v.0.2 blended with ice : Yeah, too much drambuie, it had a heavy bite.


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Date:2:10 30.Jun.2003 (UTC)

sorry for the off topic post...

but I really could use some help with my sound card before I toss my speakers out the window.
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Date:7:05 30.Jun.2003 (UTC)

Re: sorry for the off topic post...

actually, I did look for my old one this weekend, but it was nowhere to be found. What's wrong with your current? Does it not work at all or is it just crappy quality?
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