Lograh (lograh) wrote,


you'd think someone who went through over a decade of college schooling and has a PhD in some area would know how to FOLLOW FARKING INSTRUCTIONS!!

him: and now it's asking for an outgoing email server, what should I put there?
me: okay, that's <servername> (said nice and slow, with good enounciation)
me: just like you typed when I walked you through connecting in the terminal window (had to verify username/password through telnet 'cause it wasn't working at first)
him: okay . . . so it's <servername> at
me: no, no "at", just <servername>
my fantasy: NO FRELLING "AT" YOU TWIT, I haven't said "at" this *ENTIRE* conversation yet, where the hell did you get "AT" from!?!?
him: oh, okay, so it's &#servername, but without the domain part>
me: no, you want it to be <servername, with the domain part> (again, nice and slow)
my fantasy: it's just like you freaking typed less than 3 minutes ago in the terminal window, you mindless bloody nitwit!

GAH!!!! thank goodness I have some good music. nice and violent stuff this morning (Rammstein at the moment -- I don't share their philosophies, I just like their music)
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