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Tea of the day - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 27.Jun.2003

10:25 - Tea of the day

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a few balls of "Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls" (a very nice potency Jasmine tea)
one serving of the "Honey Ginsing" flavor of The Republic of Tea's green tea.

not linked becuase they are purchased locally.
here is an online place that carries the jasmine.
here is The Republic of Tea's homepage.


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Date:10:37 27.Jun.2003 (UTC)
Ah, see now there is where I have to avert my eyes. The jasmine dragon phoenix pearls are perfection in tea. Mixing them with something else is to me, blasphemy.
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Date:11:02 27.Jun.2003 (UTC)
for shame, it actually turned out kinda nice.
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Date:12:35 27.Jun.2003 (UTC)
Experimentation is the joy of life. Just as knowledge is not true power. True power comes from putting that knowledge into action.

I love the idea of concoting new mixtures based upon old tried and trues.
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