Lograh (lograh) wrote,


Yeah, it's short and amusing enough that I'll go ahead and play lemming.

Age: 27
Birthday: sometime in the last week of the year.
Children: not yet. who can say what the future holds?
Diet: no land-based meat. dairy/eggs/fish/veggie/fruit/nuts/dirt/pills/etc is all okay, though.
Exercise: Minor bike rides every other day (on average) plus longer ones most weekends.
Favourite Food: sushi.
Garden: Not at the moment, though I love gardening.
Home: renting with co-renters.
Illnesses: currently comming down with something. Normally fairly healthy.
Job: random computer guy.
Keen on: Tea, Noise, Music, Sitting, Chess
Location: Desired: Munich. Current: Sacramento.
Married: Not by anyone's reckoning.
Name: lograh. I still answer to Erif, though. There are others, but I'm not posting them here.
Optimist or pessimist: Optimistically Pessimistic.
Pets: Yes and no. One cat that my mom has claimed for her own.
Quote: have fun.
Relationship: Alas, none at the moment.
School: received a BA in Math in 2000, currently pursuing an MA in Math.
Talents: Getting much better at being me.
Unfulfilled ambition: PhD. in Math. Compose an album.
Vacation in 2003: none.
Wish: move to Munich.
X-rays: The usual. None that I've kept.
Years online: Computers in general since 1982ish, BBS since 1990ish, Internet since 92-93ish (holy crap it's been a decade!)
Zodiac sign: Capricorn Cat (or Rabbit, depending on who you ask).


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