Lograh (lograh) wrote,

back home

damn that was fun..

Went to visit my dad for father's day (suprised him pleasantly), and on the train ride down and back up I figured I'd do some WLAN sniffing and nab a bit of bandwidth here and there.. :)

On the way down we had a 5 minute stop in Oakland, which was nice because I couldn't remember which picture I had gotten through with the DCT filtering. So I just found an open network and hopped on to check the last one uploaded.. hehe..

On the way back, there was a minor delay during which I decided to make my last post just for kicks..

Damn, you'd be shocked how many insecure wireless networks there are floating around.. Except in Berkeley. That city has the unique distinction of being first place in both density and security of networks (in 5 minutes of train travel I found about 15 networks, each of which had a hidden name and were using WEP). I'm guessing that's where all the geeks lived. :)

Some amusing network names I found along the train ride down:

AirRicardo (WEP, I wonder if "Lucy" is the password)
CasaEvil (and no WEP, must not be *that* evil)
foo (yes, I actually found one named this)
Yeeeeeeha (SIC)

and the one that made me laugh the most:

w1r3l3ss (non-WEP, wide open :) )

damn amusing train ride.

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