Lograh (lograh) wrote,

damn I want a mac

so, one of the biggest complaints I've ever had with Macs has been the OS.

I've allways felt their hardware was nice, but the OS that they *forced* you to run sucked ass.

Then MacLinux came out and I was all, cool! but still, it was a lot to pay for the mac if all you're going to use from it is the hardware.

Then OSX came out, and the BSD goodness of it made me seriously consider MACs as a possibility.. But there was no X support.

I've just installed the X support package they have out for OSX, and I must admit, just about all the reasons I've ever had for not getting a mac are rapidly evaporating. The lack of an ability to play with the hardware is the only one I have left.

X11 on OSX.. shecshy goodness just OOZES from this laptop.

I'm such a geek. help me. please.

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