Lograh (lograh) wrote,


It's amazing how much your tolerance can drop when you don't drink nightly for a few weeks..

1 part Vanilla Vodka + 1 part raspberry Vodka + .5 black rasberry liquour + .5 part coconut rum + .5 part apple sour (I suppose I could go back and just make the .5 into 1 and the 1 into 2, but I'm having enough trouble just typing right now) and then fill the rest of the cup with equal parts Mountain Dew Livewire and Sprite Remix and you've got a nice fruity drink that will lay you down flat after your second cup...

Granted, those "part"s are . . . well, let's just say I wasn't *exact* with the measureing. :)

damn, I'm so fux0r3d up right now.. I'm hitting the "backspace" key more than anything else. ;)

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