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The list.

here's a brief glimpse into my life. This came up in conversation recently, so here it is:

here's a list of what I consider an "ideal" girlfriend. Proof, as it were, that I'm way too picky. I know I'm forgetting tons of stuff, so if y'all could tell me what I might have left off I'd appreciate it (mostly those who know me personally, but some of you might have ideas just from reading my journal here).

My list.
These are qualities of what I consider the "ideal" female for me. This is, of course, open to change as I mature. It's known that this person doesn't actually exist, and I will make many exceptions, but when I think "dream girl" here's what I think of:

Not to be shallow, but usually the first thing you know about someone is their looks. Hence, if you don't like their looks, you won't likely get to know their personality. Thus, the looks section (all of which I reserve the right to toss out the window at the drop of a hat):

the darker the better..
straight.. minor curls tolerated, but not too much.
long.. at least shoulder length.. more is nice, though..
natural colouration is preferred.
the less makeup the better. none at all is the preffered ammount.
smallish lips..
asthetic nose.. not too big..
short.. at least shorter than me, preferably about 5'3" (ish)..
weight should be healthy.. skinny is allowed, but only if there is a good reason for it..
I should want to touch her skin.. (nothing perverse here, I'm just big on contact)
simple, subtle, non-extravagent clothing. think function before fasion (you remember my "most sexy outfit for her", right?).

Fine, so there's a general idea of her physique. Next, and more importantly, we have her mental/personality attributes (in descending order of importance):
Most importantly, a spark in the eyes.
Equally important, must be trustworthy.
Intelligence is a good thing, willingness (and ability) to learn/grow is often better.
Should understand most of the words I use (and be able to decipher the way I use them -- not an easy task).
Confident, yet not overly so.
Cannot have debilitating fears.
opinions are good things, if you accept that other people's will be differant.
the same goes for religion.
Should at least be moderately competant in the fine art of conversation.
A good sense of humor.
Can express herself.
cannot be easilly offended (having buttons is okay, we all do, but they should be relatively hard to get at accidentally).
Must be able to laugh at herself.
She should be able to enjoy being outside buildings.
She should not avoid eating something for any reason other than taste (possibly health, depends).
Driving the car for short distances (ones that can easilly be walked) is discouraged.

Other, random stuff that has doesn't quite fit above, but should be noted (items of varying importance):
We like eachother (duh).
She is open to discussions on just about anything (I'll allow for some taboo subjects, but not many).
Understands when I need to be alone (just think of how I like to celebrate my birthday, yeah..)
Can enjoy life.

I'll get around to sorting this by importance at some point. Right now I'm just trying to get the items on here.

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