Lograh (lograh) wrote,


so, I planned on taking a laptop home from work so I can get some DCT photo editing done there last night.

I had forgotten, I was working on a Windows Laptop. gah..

It took me an hour and a half to get it stable enough to install the image editing program and copy the files to edit to it's hard drive..

hence, I was only able to get 20 piccies uploaded this morning instead of 40 or 50.. :(

but yes, this is a formal announcement for those who care that the piccies taken with my camera are *finally* being filtered and uploaded. Sorry for the delay, everyone, it's been a comedy of errors style production so far. We are hoping that all the kinks are ironed out now, though, so it should be a constant flow of new pics from here on out for the next few weeks.

Heck, if I can keep finding ways to snag laptops from work (this one has to go back to the department within a week) I might even be able to sneak in some editing on my own pictures as well. It'd be nice to be working with my art again. It's been far too long (two months, can you belive it?), and I'm starting to get a nagging itch again.

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