Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I hate purchasing trolls

and I'm talking with a passion here. If anyone could ever make me think violence is an appropriate responce to a situation, it's purchasing trolls.

So, here's the latest chapter in this saga. I'm sure you all remember how I had to re-create a quote a week or so ago because they were stupid lazy bastards and didn't place the order on time to begin with? Well, guess what happened now? If you guessed "they did it again" you're right!

Frelling trolls sat on the new quotes I gave them too long and they need me to create yet *another* set. This time, it's because of a $16 change in the configurations offered by the supplier, the older selection no longer being available.

What gets me, is why can't the damn purchasing trolls make the change themselves? When I went to order a printer, extra ink, and an extended warranty they felt fully justified in changing it to just the printer itself and from an entirely different vendor! That change totaled something like a $250 difference, and we wound up spending more for the extra ink (it was a "buy with the printer for less!" deal) and we don't have the extended warranty either (I've found HPprinters have an annoying tendancy to break right after the standard warranty expires). So, sure they saved $75 on the printer itself, but they cost us more in the long run!


On the plus side, I checked to make sure these quotes don't expire for a month, so I'm *hoping* this gives those freaks enough time to click the "okay" button (which is all they really need to do anyway).

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