Lograh (lograh) wrote,

I am *so* beyond the OS wars -- sortof.

So, I had an eventful weekend. Rather than making one large post, however, I'm going to split it up into many small ones (because, well, I honestly don't have the time for a big post).

So, one part that bugged me was a new person I met. I don't like him. Plain and simple. I realize that the reasons why I don't like him are all issues that I have had with myself at some point (some I still do), and honestly speaking I'm shocked that some of you ever stuck with me through my more *ahem* memorable moments.

One thing about him that I feel just plain silly was he eagerness to jump into an OS war with me. I mean, yes, I used to do that also -- in high school. This is no longer high school, we are all adults here, and I would expect us to all be capable of accepting that each modern OS has its strengths and its flaws. Yes, for as much as I bitch about the Win familly, I still actually recommend it in certian situations as being the best option (and much though I love Linux, I'm constantly saying how it's not ready for "prime time" and it's not for everyone).

But anyways, it came out in conversation that I run Linux, and he was all "really" and I responded affirmative, at which point he *launched* into a speech about how horrible Linux is compared to his OS of choice (Solaris). It didn't last long, because I didn't comment at all. His eagerness to try and push the topic, though, was just amazing.

I'm sorry, everyone, for having been that bad. Moreover, I realize there are probably plenty of times when I do this same thing on other topics. I'd appreciate it if you could slap me or something to wake me up when I start it in the future. It's ugly to see in others, and even worse to know that I do it myself.

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