Lograh (lograh) wrote,


I despise tech support lackies who automatically assume that whatever you say the problem might be, you must be wrong.

I emailed the support for my domain host asking them what happened to the ImageMagick install on my server (as my image gallery requires it), and they wrote back that there were some network glitches that evening that they fixed, and it should be up now.

I ignore the obvious fallacy in their reasoning and go ahead and try again anyways. Still same problem and I tell them that I think there's something wonky with the install. They write back asking for the error codes.. so I go and turn on debug mode, and try it again.

lo and behold! it says it can't load the ImageMagick libraries!

I don't care how clueless the user may seem, if they say "I think it's xyz" you should at least humour them and give xyz a glance! Why is it that tech support lackies seem trained to treat the client as a complete clueless idiot?!?!

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