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in other news. . . - Lograh — LiveJournal

Friday, 06.Jun.2003

8:20 - in other news. . .

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Galeon is a kick-ass browser.
GAIM's dependancies suck ass.
XMMS is the best damn music player I've see yet.
X based Email clients suck ass. But then, I was using Calypso on Win and that's one tough act to follow.
GIMP is teh roxor.

Just one more year or so of development and Linux distros will reach the point where they will be ready for "prime time". It's frustrating, in a way, using it and seeing how close it is, but knowing that it's not at the point yet where you can recommend it to your co-workers.


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Date:21:58 06.Jun.2003 (UTC)
Gnome is too fragmented and buggy for me (I use KDE). So Galeon isn't an option, but I love Opera.

Gaim's dependencies _do_ suck ass. You even have to install Win32 GTK2 when using WinGaim.

XMMS definitely rocks.

Kmail works incredibly well - Imap, Ldap, security, multiple personalities: all my required features. Becky for Windows works fairly well, too - I'll try Calypso and see if it's better.

Gimp rocks, agreed.
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Date:8:00 09.Jun.2003 (UTC)
I run KDE also, I just installed the Gnome libraries to run Galeon and Gaim. :) They haven't crashed yet running under KDE.

Calypso is truly an amazing email package. Just about any email feature offered by other programs is supported in Calypso -- only better. :)

I can't recall trying Kmail, I'll load it up and see. I remember looking at quite a few and being upset that Sylpheed is the only one I've found supporting a feature I consider "critical" : Leave on server *for X days*. They all supported "Leave on Server" or "Delete from server", but not the middle ground I live in (I often need to check my mail through telnet or web from other people's computers, but I have a very small mailbox allocation so I can only keep the last 30 days or so there).
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