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music = life - Lograh — LiveJournal

Thursday, 05.Jun.2003

16:21 - music = life

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Recent musics:

Flogging Molly (new "discovery" for me. Upon downloading two of their albums, I noticed that one of them had been noted in my head long ago as "get them" stuff.. odd how that happens sometimes)
TMBG (just relax, and let their greatness flow over you)
Dave Matthews Band (yes, I'm old, but they sound good!)
Slipknot (sometimes, you just want music that's fun, pointless, and lighthearted)
Moe!Staiano (for true complexities in music, look no further than noise/experimental)


Date:22:09 05.Jun.2003 (UTC)
I am a Flogging Molly fan also.
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Date:6:54 06.Jun.2003 (UTC)
oh yeah, I've just now finally put the name and music together. One could call me a fan now as well.
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