Lograh (lograh) wrote,


so, yesterday I ordered teas.. here's what I'm expecting to show up on my door shortly:

(1/4lb each, as I'm still trying out different flavors)

Japanese Cherry (improved blend)
Casablanca Melon White
Bold-leaf Pu-Erh
Holiday Dream
Ti Kuan Yin
Ghillidary TFBOP
Thiashola TGFOP1
Ginseng with Ginseng Pieces

wow, those are uninspiring names.. :) trust me, the descriptions sound a lot more appetising than the names.

on an unrelated sidenote: as the clock creeps towards 5, the volume level on my music creeps towards "loud".. hehe.. I sure hope the students in the lab next door like my music. :)

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