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life is in balance - Lograh — LiveJournal

Monday, 02.Jun.2003

7:55 - life is in balance

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This weekend was wonderful. There was much happy fun enjoyment. I could list everything that went right, but I haven't the time (see below) and I think I'd max out the character count for LJ.

Unfortunately, as my subject line says, life is in balance. Thus, to counteract the greatness that was my weekend experiance, something really, really bad must happen.

Well, you may not remember (because I can't recall if I posted here or not), but I was planning on attempting a rather extensive overhaul of the packages installed on this system.

Let's just say that dependancies are your friends, and you should never ignore your friends.

grrrrr.. now to see if there's some way for me to repair the damage. :(



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Date:8:12 02.Jun.2003 (UTC)
Did you try force-installing an RPM that wasn't supposed to go somewhere (say a Redhat RPM instead of a SuSE)? That's what got me in trouble in Mandrake ... it ended up being unrecoverable, and I ended up giving Debian a try.

Of course -- I have "non-supported" repositories in my Debian apt-get list on the home machine ... and I trusted that "apt-get is perfect" ... so in the process of upgrading the whole OS install, I've managed to blow KDE straight to hell ...

This is what happens when demented people play with powerful toys.
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Date:8:33 02.Jun.2003 (UTC)
actually, SuSE is something like 95% compatible with Redhat rpms. So that's not really the issue.

I've just been mucking around with the glibc package, and I've managed to screw up a random file somewhere so now most of KDE doesn't act *quite* like it should. And Evolution won't start at all.

So I'm back to frantically backing up the data I've collected since last backup and will soon re-install.
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Date:11:27 02.Jun.2003 (UTC)
Well, I'm glad for your sake that you didn't have the best time of your life this weekend.

Cuz, well, with life being in balance and all, your monitor would probably blow up in your face or something today.
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