Lograh (lograh) wrote,

It's time, once again, for. . .


I post disembodyed lyrics, you try to recall them from memory. . . or from google, whatever works (though it's kinda cheating).

1) Blame God, how can you loose /// Singing such sweet rhythm and blues /// Strange days, she said to me /// Being in love don't mean you're free.
2) A woman came up to me and said /// "I'd like to poison your mind /// with wrong ideas that appeal to you /// though I am not unkind."
3) I feel fine and I feel good /// I'm feeling like I never should /// Whenever I get this way /// I just don't know what to say
4) I never meant to hurt you /// I never meant to lie /// So this is good by /// This is goodbye
5) Another decade gone terribly wrong /// effectively affecting generations to come /// we only buy into what we can sell /// And we only want to protect you from yourself.

(The /// bit means it's a new line in the song)
Some easy, some hard. I know that for each one of them there should be at least one person on my friends list who recognises it.
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