Lograh (lograh) wrote,

holy crap!

so, I'm not entirely sure what CD database this player on my system (xmms) is referancing, but it just scared the crap out of my with it's extensiveness.

I just placed a CD in the drive that I absolutely love to listen to. I'm used to the other players not being able to find an entry for it, so I let it go through the motions of querying the database, fully expecting it to return a "not found" type of error (which, honestly it hasn't done yet so I was curious what it'd look like) when lo and behold, it fills the playlist with the track titles!

Now, what makes me so suprised is that this CD is published by a little quintet that performs classical music on the streets in downtown Munich. It's a live recording of one of their performances, complete with the spokesman introducing the next piece in german, the crowd noise as people pass by and drop coins in their open cases in the background, the one part where some random guy starts singing his own melody between pieces, and then the players start playing along with him! It's a great CD which I cherish tremendously, but it never showed up as listed in some online CD database.

Untill now. Damn, I'm starting to look at my Noise CDs wondering how many of them will be listed!

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