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to whom it may concern - Lograh — LiveJournal

Tuesday, 27.May.2003

12:26 - to whom it may concern

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I've finally been told who doesn't want piccies of their personage online, so I'm filtering through DCT3 photos now.

It's a shame we are pulling piccies of kiddies also. We'll have to get permission from the mother to post a few because there are some in particular that are simply adoreable!

I've allready seen about 20 photos that are definate keepers. probably 5 or 7 others that can use some GIMPing ('cause Photoshop doesn't run on Linux) and they'll likely turn out nice as well.

Just thought I'd let you know the processing has begun.


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Date:12:57 27.May.2003 (UTC)
Yay! *cheers wildly*
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Date:13:28 27.May.2003 (UTC)

I'd still like to get a copy of all of em... like, on a cd or something. that'd be great.
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Date:14:06 27.May.2003 (UTC)
I've been asked to not have released the ones with the people who don't want to be online - they don't want their pictures distrubuted on either the internet or on CD.
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